Requested : Healing Quilts For Peace Island Cancer Center

We received this request for healing quilts yesterday via our website.

It from Jackie Goldfarb


My name is Jackie Goldfarb and I am a Peace Island Medical Center Volunteer. Recently I agreed to help with Cancer Care. You may be aware of us through Kathy Chadwick our past committee chairperson. I am writing today to first thank you for your thoughtful generosity in making quilts and donating them to cancer patients at Peace Health. They are received with such joy and gratitude by all who need them. It provides great comfort when they are going through treatment!! You truly have been their angels!
I received an email today from the Cancer department saying they would love to have more quilts as they are getting very low.
I am wondering if any of you have the time or opportunity to provide more quilts?  
If yes, then my heartfelt thank you in advance. If no, thank you for your consideration and if you could give me a suggestion as to who else I might contact it is greatly appreciated.
I have a Board meeting Wednesday and I will let them know I contacted you.
All the best and again thank you for your support.
Jackie Goldfarb…”


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