News From Krispi : Annual Meeting, Board Elections ; and Gail Goldade’s Class

Dear Guild Members,
​Good news!! We have our annual meeting coming up on October 19. I hope it is already on your calendar. We will be electing our officers for the next year. Please come and vote. We have a slate of officers, so you don’t need to worry that you will be pressed into service.

The slate is: ​​

President: Nancy Best
​Vice President: Krispi Staude
​Treasurer: Joanne Hinkle
​Secretary: Julie Weaver

​We will meet at about 9AM on Saturday and the meeting will start the meeting at 9:30.

If someone wants to make a morning snack to have with coffee as we gather, that would be lovely!

​After the business meeting, we will have a program given by Gail Goldade sharing her quilting journey. Be prepared to laugh out loud. She has such a way of turning a phrase that I always find myself smiling when I am around her.

Quilt Camp/Retreat is coming up in November. The dates are Friday Nov 8 (meals starting with dinner), through Tuesday, Nov 12 (with breakfast being our last meal). Your balance is due on the date of the annual meeting. If you paid your $50 deposit, you will owe $240 for the balance if you are staying the whole time. Please come prepared to pay on that day to make things easier for the committee and treasurer.

​We will also have a brown bag lunch after the meeting followed by an afternoon of sewing. For those taking Gail’s bag class, we will start on Saturday afternoon. Those who are not taking the class can use the afternoon as a sewcial. We WILL have an Auffle Raffle, so bring your lightly used items to share and go home with someone new. We can set them out early and draw for them after lunch.

Sunday October 20th, we will continue with the class with Gail. We can start at 8:30AM.

Please note that there is homework to be done prior to the class start on Saturday afternoon. Let me know if you need the handouts. I can email them to you or print them and meet up in town to give you hard copies.

The agenda is:
Reports from officers:
​President – Krispi Staude
​Vice President – Lynn Weatherill
​Treasurer – Linda Cooper
​Secretary- Julie Weaver
Reports from Committees:
​Hospitality – Joanne Hinkle, Krispi Staude and Julie Weaver
​Service Quilts – Beth Phillips and Mary Zeretzke
​Pike Place – Mary Zeretzke
​Quilts of Valor – Beth Phillips​
​Healing Quilts – Krispi Staude
​Newsletter – Debbie Martinez
​Website – Marie Johansen
​Sunshine – Mary D’Ambrosia
​Program – Barb Snider
​Quilt Camp – Barb Snider
Old Business: Breast Cancer blocks location
​Welcome packets

New Business: please let me know if you have any business to add

Meeting adjourns and the program follows.

If you are listed as giving a report, please prepare something and/or send me a written report to be read at the meeting.

Thanks to all guild members for making this a wonderful group to belong to.



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