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The Frayed Edge Newsletter April 2021

The Frayed Edge
Rainshadow Quilting Arts Guild
April 2021 Once again, the newsletter is brought to you by the diligent work of our President, Nancy Best

Hello Friends! Greetings to you all. I hope this newsletter finds you well, enjoying the
flowering bushes and trees and a great variety of shapes and sizes of bees and birds that seem to
be arriving en mass, new ones every day. Spring is so intoxicating!
Good news! It seems like its almost warm enough and sometimes dry enough and our group
is vaccinated enough to start having outdoors, sewcially distanced, and of course masked get
togethers! This lines up with the State’s guidelines (50 people or less outside). The Mullis
Center has given us permission to use the outside of their facility (on two dates, so we have a
rainy day back up plan). Soooooo
Saturday,April 17, 1 to 3 pm, we will meet for Tahdah’s and fabric exchanges
under the eves at the Mullis Center. Lets do an Auffle Raffle, and we can put the money
toward renting the building for indoor sewcials in the post Covid world that must be coming!
Check your email before you come on Saturday, if the weather is hideous we will postpone it
til the next week. Saturday, April 24 is our back up date.
We will try to get a calendar together when we see how this feels to everyone. Shall we meet in
person once a month? Twice? Your input is helpful. I think we will keep zooming for the
foreseeable future, until we can meet inside. Please think about what you would like and tell
me so we can make plans that suit us all.

Question of the month: March – What is your favorite tool? Why?

Diane Martindale
Seam ripper because I have to use it so much (and wish I didn’t)

Edi Blomberg
How can I talk about just one tool? What tools do I make sure I take to quilt camp (after
rotary cutter, seam ripper and scissors) – my African porcupine quill and my tweezers. And
then there are rulers. My favorite is the 6.5 inch square. But the one the same size with the
notch in it for squaring up HSTs is also a must-have tool.

Gail Goldade
I like AQS rulers a LOT! They don’t slip!
And my phone!!, for taking pictures in colt and black and white to scrutinize layout

Joyce Stanton
Favorite sewing tool: my ripper. I couldn’t sew without it. Besides, if I gave it up I’d lose my
special title of “ Ripper Queen”.

Krispi Staude
My favorite tool (or two of them) is my wool pressing mat along with the wooden tailoring
clapper. It really helps me get the crisply folded seams that adds to the accuracy of the
blocks. This is especially important when working with really small pieces in your blocks. Any
deviation of the seam allowances can change the size of your finished block.

Mary D’Ambrosia
I love my Quilters Select rulers because the don’t slip. Use them all the time!

Mary Zeretzke
We all have many rulers, I am sure, but my favorite two square rulers are made by Creative
Grids. The thing that makes them special is they have circles on the back that are truly non
slip. AND they have both, for instance, 5 and 5 1/2 inch increments. I use them all the time!
Nancy Best- Im with Edi, those Bloc Loc squares that scootch right up against the seam on
your half square triangles to make them easy to square up just make me happy. And I like
scissors. All of them. The little snips with painted faces or shaped like a heron, the Kai dress
sheers that cut so precisely…

How about that 2021 UFO challenge? Is anyone taking the opportunity to clean out
some UFO’s this year?

Mary Z and I are working on this challenge, it’s fun and it is a way to focus
on the piles of unfinished items.
Mary Z: is working on a quilt for her husband. Dave finally gets his very own quilt! She
nailed this one!
Nancy B: I, on the other hand, had a total fail on the UFO this month. My number 11 is a
quilt I started for a friend at Quilt camp, that would be November 2019. I like this quilt! Its
got beautiful blues from Marcia Derse and the blocks are all sewn. But the idea of putting it
together felt totally overwhelming. I have also managed to avoid putting the top and bottom
strips on the comfort quilt that Deb, Lenore, Susan and I put together a few months ago,
which will take maybe an hour if I take a tea break in the middle of doing it. This will get done
this month and you will see a picture of it next month! If I say that in public I will be too
embarrassed not to do it, phew, can’t wait.
April is number 4. I’m afraid to look at what that is!
Have a good month, everyone! I hope to see you soon, outside in the sunshine.

Comfort Quilt SizesPike
Market Pre-School and Head Start All Day Program
42 x 54 inches
Pike Market Baby Quilts, SJ Resource Center Baby Quilts
36/38 x 40 inches
Healing Quilts & Chemo Quilts for Peace Health
48/50 Minimum x 60 inches
Quilts of Valor
(Official Size is) 60 x 80 But we accept 58 x 72 (at least) Susan Leff 360-298-1636
Shauna Rand (360) 472-1845
Officers and committees for 2021:
President: Nancy Best (360 317 5912)
President Elect: Krispi Staude (378-2434)
Secretary: Julie Weaver(207 333 9049)
Treasurer: Joanne Hinkle
Communications: Nancy Best and Marie Z Johansen
Hospitality: we are still zooming, DIY martinis in the afternoon!
Program: Barb Snider
Quilt Camp: Who knows, we could be vaccinated by November