Classes & Registration

Sunday October 10, 2021

Quilt Block Stew Class with Kitty Sorgen

Mullis Center, 9 am to 4 pm. Cost $50, scholarships always available

Please Contact Barb Snider to enroll in the class and/or request scholarship

When I asked Kitty about her intent for this class, she said: We don’t have our regular life any more, we have bits and pieces of our regular life, and we have to make this work, as we may be dealing with this for a while.

So, the class:

Quilt Block Stew by Kitty Sorgen

This time of Covid has been hard on everyone. We’re so tired it’s lasted so long, and all the ever-changing restrictions, we wish would go away. Our days have an undercurrent of anxiety and uncertainty.

So let’s get into our sewing rooms and stitch up a batch of ‘QB Stew’! This quilt can be so much fun…..UNLESS

*You’re someone who needs complete control at all times….

*You don’t like surprises….

*You have to follow a specific pattern….

*You have to know how something is going to turn out before

you begin….

*You hate puzzles!

This quilt is going to involve ALL of those situations! From start to finish, this quilt is going to be a big puzzle, where you will have no idea where it’s going, and no idea how it will turn out. There will be no specific pattern to follow and it will be full of surprises. But if you’re feeling adventurous, enjoy a challenge, and have a box or bags of orphan blocks, left-over parts and pieces of other projects, and a pile of strip scraps, you are in for a day of fun and exploration of that quilt that is waiting to be brought to life.

Supply List

Orphan blocks, left-overs and pieces of other projects, strip scraps. You will not need yardage for this quilt.

Sewing machine, with lots of neutral thread and bobbins

A design wall….this can be a piece of flannel, a cotton batting, or a plastic table cloth with a flannel back. You want something your blocks will stick to.

Then the usual….mat, ruler and rotary cutter, scissors, etc.

An adventurous spirit!

NOTE~ This quilt will not be completed in class! (I do make ‘house calls’ for free! 😉

Kitty Sorgen