Service & Donation Quilts

As a Guild, part of our mission is to to provide quilts to comfort our community. We currently provide quilts for: Quilts of Valor (made by a very dedicated team and given to local veterans), Peace Island Cancer Care, Pike Place pre-school (a pre-school for the the working poor), Family Resource Center, and comfort quilts for local families who have experienced a traumatic loss.

We maintain a chart for quilt donations that is kept at the Mullis Center. Use it to sign up to donate a quilt(s). The chart allows us to have a visual idea of how many quilts are being made, and what areas need more donations.

For more information or with for any questions please contact: Susan Leff: 370-298-1636 or Shauna Rand: 360-472-1845

Healing/ Comfort quilts- should be ‘lap size’; large enough to cuddle under but not bed size. These quilts are either donated for cancer care patients t Peace Island or they given in special circumstances to individuals in our community who have suffered a major traumatic, life changing, event. We need quilts for both genders.

Pike Place Day Care Service Quilts:These will be given to 4 year olds and a few babies, so should be approximately 42” x 54”. Measurements are not absolute but lets be sure they are usable.

Baby Quilts: Resource Center Service Quilts, and the Baby Room at Pike PlaceBaby quilts approximately 36” square can be turned in and will be donated for distribution to new San Juan Island infants and to babies in the baby room at Pike Place…”