The Frayed Edge Newsletter

Rainshadow Quilting Arts Guild

Post Office Box 45, Friday Harbor, Wa 98250

January – February 2021

Officers and committees for 2021:

President: chief cat herder: Nancy Best (360 317 5912)
President Elect: herds the above: Krispi Staude (378-2434)
Secretary: was I supposed to write that down??? Julie Weaver. (207) 333 9049)
Treasurer: what money?? Joanne Hinkle

Communications: Nancy Best and Marie Z Johansen

Hospitality: guess we will be making our own coffee for a while Program: Barb Snider, ever hopeful
Quilt Camp: Who knows, it could happen by November
Barb Snider, Gail Goldade,Krispi Staude, Mary D’Ambrosia

Service: with gratitude Susan Leff, Shauna Rand and Beth Phillips
Our Little Ray of Sunshine: Mary D’Ambrosia


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Newsletter Contents:

  • Report from Our President, Nancy Best
  • New Feature : Monthly Question
  • 2021 UFO Challenge
  • Pike Place Quilts Report
  • Comfort Quilt Information and Sizes
  • An RQAG Board Decision
  • New Feature: Share A Tip
  • New Feature: Meet A Guild Member!
  • Photos from Pikes Place Rainbow Birds

Hello Friends!

The new year is well underway, and the light is returning. I am beginning to climb out from under my shell, just in time to see the daffodils beginning to push out of the ground.

I hope you have had time to sew in the last few months. I always think that -this year- I will choose simple (or no) handmade gifts at Christmas time, and then at the last minute always decide to just whip out a few ‘simple’ things- which inevitably hijack my time completely right up until Christmas day, then there is the littered studio to clean up and refocusing to happen over a cup of tea or whiskey or whatever is handy. That takes some time….. –

So, here we are, a month into the new year. Vaccines are rolling out glacially slowly, so its still hard to plan to connect in the foreseeable future. Some of us Zoom on Wednesdays most weeks, some see quilting friends as part of their bubbles. Im sure we are all missing each other and looking forward to meeting up again as soon as we can safely do so. But we will remain at a distance for a while.

I was thinking that if we ask for input on one subject every month and post the answers, we will end up with a lot of useful information.

This month’s question:

What is your favorite online fabric (or sewing notion) store, and what about it do you love? Send me your answer and I will gather them up and post them next month. No big deal here, just a quick note to me by Feb 15.
Or you could do it right now if you have a minute.

There is still time to join the 2021 UFO challenge (it’s still dark and rainy outside, the year is still young). I found it helpful in 2020, some things got finished that would not otherwise, and those months that got away from me, no guilt there! Im going to start my list today, and challenge myself to post my monthly UFO as part of this (monthly!) newsletter. Anyone want to join me? Here is the link to help get started:
I hope you are well and I miss you all. Thanks for being my quilting community, it means a lot to me!

Some happy things from December and January
From Pike Market Childcare and Preschool:
Season’s Greetings,
I wanted to share this heartwarming documentation that the teachers created about the beautiful quilts (attached at the bottom of this newsletter)
I’m not sure if the teachers sent this to you directly yet, but I wanted to make sure that you received this. It’s such a beautiful record of how children respond to your beautiful works of art. .
Please share with your group..
There is also a lovely tribute to the ‘ Rainshadow Quilters on our Facebook page right now if you would like to see it. I hope you all are doing well. With Gratitude,
Lesa Valenzuela

From our Comfort Quilt Committee Chairs

Shauna Rand and Susan Leff:

I hope this all finds you enjoying this time of year and hope you’re able to spend some of these dark, short days in front of your sewing machine, doing what we all love to do!  Susan Leff and I will be heading up the tracking of comfort quilts this year.  Comfort quilts is the name for all Charity quilts that Guild members make for Pike’s Place Preschool, Head Start Preschool, Chemo, Healing, and Quilts of Valor.  Beth Phillips will still be managing and collecting for Quilts of Valor. 

We would love to hear from you about how many quilts you could make for this coming year.  I’m working on a new board for us, Susan has some great spreadsheets and I would like to input the 2021 commitments. If you have already completed a quilt, could you please let us know so the Guild can track and get credit for your lovely work?  We can collect the quilts and make sure it falls into the right hands for distribution.  Last year we made a record number and Mary and Beth were able to deliver them to the delight of all that have received them!  We will follow up with all of you with pictures and videos, etc. as we can so you can share in the joy.   

Head Start was not able to utilize the quilts from last year so they will be given to the kids in early September.  Pike Place would like about 25 quilts which includes a few extra for late enrollees.  So far we only have 3 quilts so please sign up so we can support these preschoolers. 
I know these times are challenging, and we’re all struggling with communication, not being able to get together much, and talk as we used to during our meetings, but we will make every effort to  see that progress continues…though it may be virtually for the time being. I will include our email addresses and phones so you can contact us at any time.

We have pre-printed quilt labels available for any Guild quilts.  Here are the preferred sizes of the different quilts. 

Pike Market Pre-School and Head Start All Day Program
        42 x 54 inches
Pike Market Baby Quilts
    36/38  x 40 inches
Healing Quilts & Chemo Quilts for Peace Health
    48/50 Minimum  x 60 inches
Quilts of Valor
    ( Official Size is)
      60 x 80
But we accept
     58 x 72 (at least)

We look forward to the time we can return to in-person meetings and see everyone, it will not be so far off in 2021, I hope.  Thank you for all your work.  Please let us know how many quilts you can donate to the Guild in 2021.  Our contact info is below. 

Susan Leff
Shauna Rand     (360)

RQAG Board decision:
The board decided that RQAG can cover quilting costs of comfort quilts, when members want to send them out. Of course, please check with the board before sending quilts out, but the intention is to facilitate getting quilts finished, and there is money in the account to do this, as all other monetary commitments are on hold.

Leave a Tip!

(“Leave a Tip” can become a regular feature in The Frayed Edge Newsletter so if you have a tip to share please contact Nancy, Krispi or Marie)

Lynn Weatherill sends this tip:

I read a post on a Facebook quilting site and saw that some people use a wool saddle pad instead of the more expensive wool ironing – pads. The reviews for this product mention quilters. Had to pass along to you veterans. I can’t wait to hang out with you ladies.

Guess Who?! Can You Guess Their identity?

Submitted by Krispi Staude

(Another new feature that we hope you will like nd that can become a regular newsletter feature)

Let me introduce you to a guild member! i’ll give you some ideas of who it is and let’s see if you can guess the identity!

She says that she is partial to graphic black, white and red fabrics and avoids soft beiges and faded colors. When she works with beiges and faded colors she says they seem to make her feel tired! She loves quilts that others make using them though.

She has had many kind people in her life, but mentions a boss who supported her even when they were at odds, and mentioned her meditation teacher who shared truths bout her that she had trouble hearing at the time, but has benefited ted from every day since.

She was a lay midwife for a few years and felt it was a gift to be able to help women during that remarkable time in their lives.

She went back to school and after she graduated she told her husband that she would only move to to the island if she could work i  her field. He managed to “witch” her a job.

She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but for years called it “Balmer Marilyn”. She grew up with three older brothers, and no, she is not spoiled !

Kindness in many firms is what inspires her including kindness to our earth and future generations. Although she will never have enough fabric, she is currently working on just two quilts this time (that she will admit to at least!). She began quilting over 16 years ago when a co-worker and she made a baby gift for another co-worker. She realized that she liked sewing together all that fabric and would welcome a new craft and a new circle of friends. We are so glad she did!!

Did you guess?? The mystery maker is our President, Nancy Best!Thanks Nancy for all that you do for the Guild!

Rainbow Birds Photos